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A Never-Before-Told History
of Doomed-To-Fail
faux Fashion

“Lots of fun!”
– Simon Collins, dean of fashion, Parsons (Parsons)

“Kate Hahn's hysterical faux history is part Funny Face, part Mark Twain, with a little bit of Ugly Betty thrown in for good measure. Her wit sheds a light on the delightful absurdity of the "trend", while always remaining a love letter to the world of fashion. Pop some cashew nuts, drink something fruity and enjoy!”
– Michael Urie (Marc St. James, Ugly Betty) (Ugly Betty)

“From Mach2 Lingerie to Frigidaire Formals, Kate Hahn’s concocted tales of bizarre trends gone awry, accompanied by playful fashion illustrations, exploit the fashion genus from couture to ready-to-wear in an irresistible way.”
– SOMA Magazine (SOMA)

“Deadpan social satire.”
– Virginia Postrel, editor-in-chief, DeepGlamour, and contributing editor, The Atlantic

“The book is written in a tongue-in-cheek Lemony Snicket style and the brilliant illustrations help tell the tall tales. I fervently wish these trends did exist, if only for a brief moment in time.”
– Elizabeth Donoghue, The Huffington Post

“A humorous look at the ups and downs of design. A lot of fun and the illustrations really bring the story to life.”
Blogging Project Runway

“Too many books about fashion treat the subject with a cringe-worthy amount of pomp and circumstance, so a new collection of tales of doomed-to-fail faux fashion is a chic breath of unpretentious fresh air.”
– Lesley Scott, Fashiontribes

“Such dead on parodies you'll keep checking to make sure this is a humor, not history, book. Totally funny.”

“It is notoriously difficult to make fun of fashion. The reality is already so far out there that attempts at humor tend to fall flat. Not so with Forgotten Fashion. A series of amusing stories that will smooth the frown lines of even the most imperious fashionista. It's like Botox in book form -- only better.”
Counterfeit Chic

“Hahn’s tongue-in-cheek faux fashions mock the true trends of the 20th century while creating their own unique mythology. The perfect gift for the fashion lover in your life. It’s witty and beautifully illustrated.”
Fashionista Piranha

“The Project Runway fan in your life will love it.”
Alive on the Shelves

“I consider myself a connoisseur of the absurd, so take it from me: this is some high-grade absurd, right here. Genius!"
A Dress a Day

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Project Runway
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Blogging Project Runway
Fashionista Piranha
Counterfeit Chic
The Huffington Post
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