Table of Contents

1903 Sidesaddle Motoring Coat

The great aunt of the trench coat, once removed

1905 Body Muff

A plantain conquers polite society

1907 Ticker Tape Trim

Paper ribbons and covert communiqués

1910 Pacing Trouser

The ideal furnishing for the gentleman holiday-maker

1916 Picasso Patchwork

A dress declares war on Switzerland

1923 Robe de Champagne

A mysteriously intoxicating bridal gown

1927 Ice Beading

The ultimate in planned obsolescence

1928 Berlin Black

Daywear for the demimonde

1935 Safari Pajamas

Every night a honeymoon, every day an adventure

1943 Fidelity Cardigan

Button up for victory!

1948 Havana Oyster Digger

A post-war antidote to olive drab

1950 Frigidaire Formals

Sometimes, it all begins with a muse

1953 Poly-Chem Oxford

Martinis, mad scientists, and the problem with perfection

1957 Four O’clock Dress

For abject and idle afternoons

1964 Cassidy Trouser Suit

Designed for girl subway buskers

1968 Beige Lamé

Swinging London meets the aristocratic mini

1970 Ponchettes

Stylish clothes for spiritual quests

1972 Dress-in-a-Jar

How much would you pay?

1978 Mach2 Lingerie

Disco breaks the sound barrier

1985 Fuschette

Girls just want to have leggings

1985 Gilded Pinstripes

After hours wear for the nouveau riche

1987 Hospitalia

A Japanese enfant terrible twists tradition

1992 Bonsai Dress (LLBD)

The littlest little black dress, ever

1995 Adididas

Counterfeit Superstar sneakers

1996 Trifling Coat

Icon of the ironic

1998 Emotionally Distressed Jeans

The brainchild of business and psychology

2002 Bertrand Despair Glove

Gauntlet for a grim world

2005 Hood-olo

A botched “hoodie” goes couture